Wilmington was founded in 1642 when John Mason sent over a group of people from England to settle the land he had bought from Native Americans. The town was first called “Mason’s Creek Plantation” and then renamed “Duxbury” in 1645, after Duxbury in the Massachusetts Bay colony where many of its early settlers came from. In 1831 the name was changed again, this time to Wilmington.

The Town Bank of Wilmington has been selling commemorative coins for nearly 200 years now, longer than any other organization within the country.

On these coins are engraved essential places and buildings found throughout the old Massachusetts Bay Colony (which they were selling).

The engravings on these coins mirror those found in the writings of John Oldmixon, a famous writer who lived during the 18th century and wrote about everything within New England.

Today some of the more essential engravings are being used to help decipher clues written in Norse runes on the Dighton Rock.

The rock is carved with markings long been considered undecipherable since they were first discovered by Governor William Bradford of Plymouth colony nearly four hundred years ago.

Because he made this discovery while traveling down the Taunton River, many consider him one of the most critical figures in deciphering these riddles left behind by Viking explorers.

In 1653 the town built a meeting house, and later in 1683, they began to build a School House. In 1730 an academy was established, but this only lasted until 1768 when it was merged with Harvard University.

The Old Swamp Burying Ground dates back to early colonial burials during King Philip’s War in the 1600s and is still used today for all modern burials.

Taunton River provided an excellent power and water source for Mill sites throughout Wilmington, Massachusetts, beginning in the late 1800s. When all of these were destroyed by one fire on Good Friday, 1898, it prompted many changes in the law, which improved fire safety regulations within all buildings using electricity or gas for power. These changes included requiring the installation of automatic fire alarm boxes with direct lines to the Fire Department on all structures over three stories in height.

Many Native Americans believed that spirits would protect people from harm if they would only leave an offering behind on their favorite rocks on the banks of the Taunton River. However, today many still refuse to visit this rocky outcropping along the riverbank because of the different kinds of markings which remain carved there.

Some say these are runes left behind by Viking explorers, while others believe them to be nothing more than some “tourist’s idea” of what runes should look like. Either way, it has become an essential part of town history for everyone who lives here in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Wilmington Today

Today the town is home to three different schools for all grades of education, and many people come from away to get married each year at the Old Baptist Church. In addition, many other historic buildings can be found throughout the town, such as The John Brown House, which sat on the corner of Bakers and North Main Street and was built in 1788 (when it became known as Fort Ticonderoga).

Population in Wilmington, MA,

The population in Wilmington is a bit over 13,000, and has remained pretty much the same throughout its long history. This number increases each day due to the young families moving in because of many job opportunities within the town borders.

Many commutes into Boston each day because of all the jobs that have been created there for them, but it is still a nice place to live overall, according to those who choose to stay here year-round.

Wilmington’s Demographics

The demographics in Wilmington are pretty much what you would expect from a small town of this size. It has its fair share of white, black, Hispanic, and Asian residents. However, the largest group is the Caucasian population, making up about 90% of those who call Wilmington their home.

The remaining 10% includes people from many other different religious backgrounds, including Jews, Catholics, and a few Muslims.

The population density in 2010 was at 1831 people per square mile with a total area of just over 4 miles squared. In addition, approximately 2730 housing units have been built here since 2000, meaning that there is plenty to do throughout all four seasons if anyone decides to move here as an adult or raise children within the community limits.

Education System in Wilmington, MA

In addition to the high school, which many people around town know as “Wilmington High,” there are also two elementary schools and a middle school that helps to serve all levels of education for grades PK-8.

The Wilmington Elementary School was built in 1859 and had been serving this community since then. It is a relatively large building with a huge yard out back where kids from Pre-K through Fifth grade get recess every day. The second elementary school,

The Strawberry Hill Elementary School opened its doors in September 2000 and has seen continued growth thanks to the increased population. Many young families who move here continue with their children at this level because it seems even more progressive than other educational institutions within Massachusetts.

The Middle School was built in 1975 and is currently the only educational structure within town limits that caters to students from grades 6-8. It has seen its fair share of growth over the decades, but not nearly to the extent that these other schools have.

The current library sits there at this time after an extensive remodeling project was finished just last year.

This building now houses many different resources for those searching for jobs or needing help with their computers.

Wilmington High opened its doors in 1927 and has since become an essential part of the school itself and the entire community here in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Many graduates attend college right across Boston’s border, which helps them make friends with many of the students who live right near them throughout their adult lives.

Since the school is growing larger every year, another new wing has been built to accommodate all of the students moving in each September.

Many extracurricular activities are offered here, including sports teams and after-school clubs for those interested. The Mathletes are doing exceptionally well this year, so getting involved with this type of thing while attending high school never hurts.

Tourism in Wilmington, MA

Many people from around the area visit Wilmington each year with a legitimate interest in seeing what this little town has to offer.

The Strawberry Hill Museum is a great place to start and was built in 1838. This building contains many artifacts collected throughout the years, including furniture pieces, clothing items, and even some ancient tools used for farming or other mechanical purposes before electricity had been invented.

One of the main attractions here is the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, which holds many historical cars worldwide.

These vehicles have been restored to their original condition so anyone who visits can get a feel for what it would have been like when driven down a busy street in Boston during a different era. Visitors can also take a peek inside one of the Anderson Carriage Houses, which is now home to many activities that local people participate in during their free time.

The Salmon Brook Historical Society consists of a pretty large building where most of the current records and photos are stored. However, many pictures here date pretty far back, allowing visitors to glimpse what life was like for those who lived out on farms or had interests in other things such as horse-riding, carriages, etc.

This small graveyard near The First Parish Church on Main Street is one of the most exciting spots within Wilmington, Massachusetts. It’s not uncommon for someone to visit every single day so that they can try to read all of the inscriptions that have been placed on each headstone.

Unfortunately, a few of them are very difficult to find because they’re located underneath trees that haven’t been trimmed in many years. Still, it’s well worth the effort to see if people could decipher any names before heading back home at the end of the day.

The town library is an essential part of Wilmington for those who like books and take advantage of all the great things here.

The Friends Of The Library usually holds many fundraisers throughout the year, which can help everyone save up some extra money for whatever they may need at this stage in their lives.

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