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North Andover MA

North Andover is a destination for many, with its proximity to Boston and the Merrimack River. In addition, the Town has an abundance of open space, giving it great potential and being accessible by highway or railroad.

The Town’s location in Essex County on the banks of the Merrimack River makes North Andover one that should not be overlooked when searching for property.

The History of North Andover, MA

In 1646, Reverend John Woodbridge paid six pounds and a coat to Indian Chief Cutshmache for the Cochichewick Plantation. The Great Seal of North Andover depicts Lake Cochichewick, meaning “place of great cascades.” Soon after, it was changed to honor its English namesake with a new name: “Andover.”

In 1709, the General Court made a decision that led to two parishes. North Andover cherished its roots in being from the north parish, and South Parish was created for those who lived south of the Town’s centerline. The growth of these communities has now led them into different townships with their government representatives leading at this period 1855-present day.

North Andover in the 1600s

Anne Bradstreet is America’s first published woman poet, and she also raised her eight children in the wilderness. Despite frail health, Anne continued to write poetry until 1672, when she died at North Andover.

The Stevens Memorial Library is a place where you can find the most comprehensive collection. North Parish Church was the Town’s original meeting place, and it holds precious memories for many of our residents.

If you’re seeking rich history, North Andover is the perfect place to visit. From our Parson Barnard House or The Steven Estate at Osgood Hill, there’s plenty of opportunities for learning and discovery in this historic Town!

North Andover in the 1800s

North Andover was one of the first towns in Massachusetts to harness water power. Nathaniel Stevens built a mill on Main Street, which is now home to the North Andover Thrift Shop, and Scholfield Mills became operational because they had access to this resource. However, it would be approximately 100 years before another such site developed near the town by The North Andover Mills that lasted from 1820 until 1899.

The Davis & Furber Machine Company was the industry’s most prestigious manufacturer of textile mill equipment, providing machinery that kept mills around the world running. Founded in 1885 by two brothers and their father-in-law to ensure economic health for our community, they quickly became known as one of America’s finest machine makers because their machines were reliable.

North Andover is rich in history and home to the Western Electric Company, founded by Theodore N. Vail back in 1875. In 1956, North Andover became one of many towns across America chosen as headquarters for this company.

They expanded their production into telephone communication until they eventually evolved into Lucent Technologies during the 1990s. However, even though these companies have changed names through time, plenty of businesses today work with them on various telecommunications engineering or software development projects.

Residents in Newbury, Massachusetts, voted against turning their Town into an outdoor research facility for cannabis. They were worried about the growing and processing of marijuana being too close to homes with children or allegations that it would be a gateway drug.

The neglect of the cannabis industry

The ballot vote came down 1,430 votes opposed versus only 1,155 supporting recreational pot facilities; there was even more support among those who live outside of the city limits-1,155 voters supported it out of 2,765 people polled. The industry was said to be projected at $100 million in 20 years.

North Andover’s Geography

The Town of North Andover is nestled between the Merrimack River and Shawsheen River to its northwest. It has 27.8 square miles, made up 26 sq mi land with 5% water coverage.

Meanwhile, located along the eastern border of Town is Lake Cochichewick, where several conservation areas and forests are located. The site also has many brooks running through it.

North Andover is bordered by commercial giants such as Lawrence, Haverhill, and North Reading. The Town has a small corner that borders Middlesex County to the south with scenic views of mountains in all directions.

North Andover’s population and demographics

North Andover has over 28,352 people. In 2010, 10,516 households and 7,324 families resided in the area with an average population density of 1,078 inhabitants per square mile. Many housing units have been built for those who live here.

However, it seems to be just not enough because they want more than 16% of the residents living on less than $15000, which was only possible by renting or sharing space as much as 9%. The racial makeup consists of 88.7% White persons followed closely behind by Asians (6%), Hispanics/Latinos Americans (4%), then African American citizens (.09%).

The majority of households in the United States are married couples, with 57% living together. The average household size is 2.62, and the average family size 3.19.

Many benefits to living in this community environment include plenty of close friends or relatives who live nearby for support. In addition, residents have easy access to services such as doctors and childcare if necessary. With that, it’s also great for children because they will have an easier time learning how to interact with other people their age versus being around adults all day long.

Income and economic standing

According to the 2017 census, the average income for a household in the town was $105,661. However, males had an average of $68,411 versus females with only earning at least $42,270 per year. The poverty line is set to be below 50% and 5%, respectively; 2 people under 18 years old and four over 65 also experience this same problem.

North Andover’s Governance

In 1986 the Town Charter was enacted after years of meetings and debates over what government style should be used in North Andover. The Board of Selectmen appoints citizens to fill seats on boards that oversee specific health care or zoning areas. This board acts like a check for the more powerful Town Meeting which decides how the money will be spent but has no actual power other than voting down all proposed expenditures at every meeting they attend (unless it’s an emergency).

The Town Manager is the appointed professional in charge of supervising departments and divisions. The Open Town Meeting, North Andover’s legislative body, provides policy direction to our public school system, which an elected Superintendent administers.

This forum is not only for the voice of registered voters. The facilitator also has a say in how things unfold, and their townspeople elect them to make sure all proceedings run smoothly according to set rules.

The town meeting moderator selects nine people for the finance committee. This group is the ones who give advice to the Town Meeting on certain issues. These appointed committees take charge and administer the specific, state, or local procedures.

North Andover’s pride

The Town of North Andover is a small, bustling town that provides excellent police and fire service. Street maintenance services are provided by the Department of Public Works who also takes care of curbside waste management for residents in need.

The Stevens Memorial Library gives its patrons extensive services, from recreational projects at Stevens Pond and extensive programs in the Youth Center. Visitors can enjoy recreational activities at the pond, which offers many opportunities for young people with diverse interests.

The Senior Center in Town Hall is home to a variety of programs and services for seniors. In addition, the Town’s Community Development Division ensures they supervise everything, from public health, infrastructure services, planning and zoning, and the business industry.

The award-winning Water Treatment Plant and operation is an excellent service that provides residents with outstanding water. The renovated Town Hall at 120 Main Street has all administrative offices open for you for any questions or concerns you might have. Our office staff includes the Manager, who would be happy to provide an appointment time more convenient for your schedule. They can also answer any other inquiries, including what types of permits are required by law and where these mandates were established.

Education in North Andover

North Andover is proud to provide an excellent education for all our students.  All five elementary schools, North Andover High School and Greater Lawrence Technical Schools, reflect the rich tradition that makes this Town what it is today – providing an opportunity for success in life through hard work and dedication. Our school’s growth necessitated building projects that we could meet its expanding needs by catering to community groups and individuals seeking personal development within their educational endeavors.

A new Thomson school named Annie Sargent Elementary School has already completed renovation of our Middle school, and North Andover High’s stadium is only one of the projects that have been completed in recent years. In addition, the “North Andover High Scarlet Knights” compete with passion and sportsmanship as they participate in various athletic endeavors.

Moreover, Merrimack College is a private college focused on preparing students for their careers. Brooks School, an all-boys boarding school with over 340 students that opened in 1926 and located at the shores of Lake Cochichewick, offers prefects to help guide them through their academic coursework.

Entertainment experience in North Andover

North Andover is a scenic town that offers residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors; if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to beat the heat, head down to Stevens Pond and cool off in their refreshing waters! Nearby Weir Hill also provides excellent hiking trails with beautiful views.

An old town center is a beautiful place where many programs and gatherings take place, such as the sheep-shearing festival, which happens in late spring. Plenty of summer activities are also planned yearly for both adults and children alike. The North Andover Youth Center also resides at the old town center offers services to youth ages 6-12 with yearly passes available so that they may enjoy all it has to offer.

The Harold Parker State Forest is an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. Here, you can enjoy hiking on one of the 25 miles (40 km) of trails and camping in their campground, among many other activities such as horseback riding or fishing at the freshwater swimming beach that attracts people from all over!

You will also find Boxford Forest just down the street, with Sharpner’s Pond where you can see the infamous anti-ballistic missile area still intact within its borders. In addition, there are festivals put on by park staff throughout each year, including an annual Fishing Tournament in September, so be sure not to miss out!

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