Wakefield, Massachusetts: A Simply Wonderful Place to Live

Wakefield, Massachusetts: A Simply Wonderful Place to Live

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Nestled into the junction of I-93 and I-95/128, about 10 miles north of Boston, is the wonderful, scenic town of Wakefield, Massachusetts. With a population of just under 27,000, it’s a bit larger than some of the surrounding Boston suburbs. Still, the sense of community and fellowship here lends a small-town charm to the area that most outsiders probably wouldn’t expect to find


Looking Back in Time

Wakefield was originally established in 1639. At the time, a small group of people from Lynn, MA decided to venture out on their own. They traveled a few miles west and slightly north before a finding new place to call home. Initially, they called the town Linn Village. Over the next few years, a few more families came to live here, and Wakefield was finally large enough to officially be incorporated. 

It wasn’t until 1868 that the town took on its current name. At that point, Cyrus Wakefield, a local manufacturer of carriage bodies and rattan furniture, offered to finance the building of a town hall for the village. In honor of this gesture, the town was renamed Wakefield. 


Back into the Present

Today, Wakefield is a fairly quiet town. Most of the people who live here feel it’s a wonderful place to live. It’s a very family-oriented place with great schools that truly do their best to propel their students to the top. It has been deemed one of the best places to live in Massachusetts as well as one of the best places in the state to raise a family. Quite a few people who have grown up here agree that they wouldn’t have had it any other way.


Crime rates here are much lower than the national average. Locals feel incredibly safe whether they’re at home, out running errands, or spending a day in town. While the town has seen a major influx of growth lately, it hasn’t lost its cozy charisma. It’s a great place for businesses, young professionals, retirees, and children alike. It’s a welcoming town. People who live here have no interest in leaving, and many people who come to the area end up choosing Wakefield as their hometown. 


Things to Do in Wakefield, Massachusetts

There’s no denying that Wakefield has plenty of attractions for people to enjoy. Lots of nice locally owned restaurants and coffee shops are available for people to have a meal or snack or meet up with friends. Several terrific stores and boutiques also give everyone plenty of ways to enjoy a day of shopping. 


For those who prefer quiet time or letting the little ones play outside, the local parks are a perfect destination. Numerous holiday and seasonal events are also held for everyone to enjoy. While those who love the nightlife say that Wakefield leaves a lot to be desired, Boston and other nearby areas offer ample entertainment opportunities.


Veering Away from the Norm

So many towns and cities across the country point to their technological advancements, high-end attractions, and chain stores as what makes them special. Wakefield has those, and anything you want but can’t find here is just a short drive or train ride away in Boston. While everyone here certainly takes advantage of all those options from time to time, they’re actually not the main attraction. By far, the hot spot everyone raves about is one of the town’s natural features.


Lake Quannapowitt

Lake Quannapowitt is where everyone in town loves to hang out. People of all ages come here to enjoy the beautiful, unspoiled natural scenery. It’s even where the teenagers like to meet and spend time with their friends. Sitting along the banks, dipping your toes in the water, and lounging on the grass are certainly reasons enough to come to the lake, but they’re only part of the bigger picture. 

People relish wandering around the lake, hiking the trails, jogging, and simply enjoying the peacefulness and view. The lake has about three miles of trails to stroll, jog, or bike all year long. It’s kid and pet friendly, so families often visit over the weekends. Races are also held on the trails, and participants and spectators alike eagerly await them. 

Obviously, where there’s a lake, there are numerous ways to enjoy the water when the weather permits. You can swim, wade, or simply float around. It’s a great place for canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. Wakefield Boathouse offers kayak, paddleboard, and pedal boat rentals. Quannapowitt Yacht Club provides sailing lessons and other activities for children as well as events for adults. 

The yearly Festival by the Lake is held at Lake Quannapowitt. It’s an event not to be missed with food, live music, creations from local craftspeople and artists, and a range of other activities. Colonel James Hartshorne House is also located along the lake. It’s a popular site for private events like family reunions and weddings. Public events are held there as well, including Wakefield Heritage Day, the annual Christmas Tea, and Craft Beer Tastings to name a few. 

From June through October, the Wakefield Farmers Market brings plenty of visitors to the lake. People come from all around to get their picks of fresh produce and other edible delights. Several events and attractions also come along with the farmer’s market. 


Beyond the Lake 

In many ways, you could say life in Wakefield revolves around Lake Quannapowitt to an extent. It’s a nice, peaceful place for everyone to enjoy nature and take part in all the available activities and festivities. Still, there’s also plenty of life beyond the lake. 


Wakefield offers a range of employment opportunities in various industries from finance and medicine to social services and retail. It’s a wonderful place for professionals, and the recent boom in housing and business has brought even more options to the table. Aside from those prospects, many people commute to Boston and other surrounding suburbs where there’s no end to the additional job opportunities. 


Helping to Keep Wakefield Up and Running

Like virtually every town, city, and community across the nation, commercial drivers help to build the backbone of Wakefield and keep its infrastructure up and running. Truck drivers bring in supplies to the local stores, restaurants, and other businesses. They also transport goods out of the town and distribute them elsewhere.


Heavy equipment operators help build our homes and businesses and keep them in top-notch shape. They’re also a major component of the growth that’s taking shape in the area. CDL holders pick up our trash to help keep the town clean, and bus drivers take our children to school and bring them back home safely. Those are only a few of the ways in which commercial drivers help keep our city going.


At New England DOT Physicals, we’re proud to be part of the Greater Boston area. Located in Reading, our goal is to help commercial drivers maintain their certifications and aid aspiring CDL holders in becoming certified. We provide affordable DOT exams to allow commercials drivers to receive and renew their DOT medical cards and self-certifications. 


By providing these services, we help keep CDL holders and other drivers safe on the roadways. In turn, Wakefield and other local towns and cities can continue to be the wonderful areas to live and work they’ve become known as. We encourage those who need DOT physicals in Wakefield and its neighboring towns to schedule an appointment with us, so they can stay on the path to success and help their communities do the same.