Lynnfield life

Lynnfield Life: Taking a Look at Some of the Pleasures Our Small Town Has to Offer

First settled back in 1638, Lynnfield has grown to become one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. With a traditional New England vibe and a population of just under 12,900, the community offers a charming, friendly, laid-back atmosphere in a pleasant suburban setting. 


Many of the local residents point out that our little town is just far enough away from everything to be comfortable without being overly inconvenient. After all, anything we might need but can’t find here in town is just a short drive away.


Low Crime Rates and Highly Rated Schools


Few towns in America are as safe and secure as Lynnfield. Our crime rates are so far below the national average they’re almost nonexistent. Of course, the way the locals band together makes it feel even more sheltered. That’s certainly something you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. 


As far as the public schools go, we couldn’t ask for anything more. Our schools have been deemed among the best in Massachusetts, and their faculty and administrators only contribute to the high-quality education our children receive. Because of those factors and many others, we’ve been rated as one of the state’s finest suburbs in which to raise a family. 


Looking at the Local Residents



Lynnfield has a fairly balanced mix of people of all ages. From youngsters to seniors and everything in between, everyone enjoys all the community has to offer. You’ll find them all mingling in harmony in the town common for community events. At the same time, there’s something here for everyone to appreciate from savoring donuts and coffee at Dunkin’ to venturing over to Peabody for a kickboxing class. 



Spending Time on Market Street


When we’re looking to spend a little time in town, Market Street is definitely the place to go. With more than 80 shops and restaurants to peruse, there are plenty of ways to pass the day. Whether you’re looking for a little retail therapy, entertaining the kids, or meeting a friend for coffee, you’ll find it here. People from neighboring communities also make their way to Market Street to share in the experience.


Splendid Shopping 

Nike, Gap, Chico’s, Carhartt, Athleta, and Pretty Posh Boutique are only a few of the stores awaiting shoppers on Market Street. It offers an incredibly diverse range of shopping experiences where you’ll find everything from swimwear and eyewear to workout gear and cute outfits for the little ones. There’s no need to battle the traffic and chaos of the city with so many options right here in our community. 


Health and Beauty


Having said that, clothing and accessories are only one piece of the Market Street puzzle. We also have shops that cater to the full range of beauty and fitness needs. You can have a rousing workout at Lahey Health Club or Club Pilates then stop by James Joseph Salon to get your hair cut and colored or visit Roosters Men’s Grooming Salon for a trim. From there, browse the selection of cosmetics at Bluemercury or Sephora. 


An Assortment of Opportunities


Whether you want to upgrade your phone, furnish your home, find a new book to read, or foster your crafting hobby, Market Street has what you’re looking for. Get the kids involved in karate or painting classes or let them peruse the toy stores. Just be sure to stop by The Candy Dish for a sweet treat before heading home. Why would we bother to drive out of town when there’s such a vast selection right here at home?


Things to Do Near Lynnfield

When we do decide to wander out of town for a getaway, we don’t have to travel far to find something fun to get involved in. Just over in Topsfield, there’s Alfalfa Farm Winery with wine tastings and a fun, friendly atmosphere. North Reading has Seven Acres Farm where you can find the best fresh eggs and poultry around. They also have incredible vegetables during the summer months. 


Fun with the Kids

Stone Zoo is a great place to take your children or grandchildren. You can spend the day watching the animals, and they have a playground if you need to take a little break. They also host events on a regular basis, like T. Rex Adventure and Flamingle. Hago Harrington’s Miniature Golf is just about ten minutes away in Stoneham. It’s also a nice, family-friendly place to visit. 


Spooky Excursions

A little further outside of town, Salem ghost and witch tours are always an exciting and interesting experience. Some take place during the day, but those who are looking for a spookier spin tend to lean toward the nighttime tours. Tours are even available for children. Either way, you’ll have fun and learn a little about the city’s history and its infamous witch hunts. 


Something for Everyone

That’s only a handful of the outings available for all of us to enjoy near Lynnfield. Bowling, arts and crafts, farmers markets, rope obstacle courses, and group adventures also enter the mix. No matter your age or the types of activities you enjoy, several options are well within reach. Along the way, we’re bound to run into one or two of our neighbors. 


A Brief Look at Lynnfield’s Backstory

In the beginning, Lynnfield and the city of Lynn were one and the same. It wasn’t until 1782 that we became our own little town. Henfield House on Main Street is the oldest home in our town and was built in 1667. Chestnut Street is lined with Colonial homes that almost take you back to when our town was first establishing its roots. 


Though we’ve grown since the early days, we like to think that we’ve maintained the same sense of community and fellowship the townspeople originally had. We’re proud of our history and heritage and hope to hold onto it no matter what the future holds in store. We may not be the biggest or most populated corner of Massachusetts, but as far as we’re concerned, we’re one of the best. 


Maintaining Lynnfield’s Unrivaled Atmosphere

There’s no denying that Lynnfield has plenty of offer. It brings us a perfect blend of modern amenities and timeless appeal. Of course, our town counts on commercial drivers to keep its stores and restaurants stocked and help keep our homes and businesses up and running. 

At New England DOT Physicals, we’re here to provide affordable DOT medical exams and self-certification support to commercial drivers in Lynnfield and the surrounding areas. We’re proud to have a hand in keeping commercial drivers as well as others safe while they travel the streets of Lynnfield and its neighboring cities. As we operate from our North Reading office, our goal is to provide superior care to local truck drivers and other CDL holders while they do their part to help make Lynnfield town what it is today. 


Living the Lynnfield Life

Lynnfield is a town like no other. We’re one of the few areas left in America with a small size and a small population to match. Still, there are plenty of things to do and see here in our little niche of the nation. From community-wide holiday celebrations at the town common to lazy summer barbecues in the backyard, most of us locals wouldn’t trade our lives here for anything.