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If you need to get your DOT physical and want it done by the best, New England Physicals is for you.

We offer a fast turnaround time with expert care from our team of doctors who have years of experience in their field.

Our team of health professionals is ready to cater to your DOT exam-related needs.


Contact our page for getting a DOT medical examination if that is what you are looking for because we are known as one of the top providers around!


You might be someone who is in search of the best physical exam provider in order to obtain a CDL.

Whether you are a commercial truck driver or an aspiring CDL holder, a DOT card is essential to have.

With New England DOT Physicals, Inc., we are specialists in pre-employment drug testing and medical examination services.

We offer the top-of-line service that has helped thousands find careers they love!


Have you found yourself on this page because your employer wants to make sure their employees can perform at high levels when needed?

Do not worry; our staff is here waiting with open arms,

ready to give you all the help and assistance possible so that nothing will hold back any future opportunities or dreams from becoming a reality.


The company New England DOT Physicals, Inc. offers a variety of exciting physical exams for the public. 


Contacting us through our website or phone number will get you access to an instant online appointment in Massachusetts as well as other services such as obtaining your MA driver’s license renewal application instantly too.

Once an appointment is set, you may head on over to our location at 274 Main St., Reading MA.


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