CDL Self Certification in MA

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders are required to update the RMV with their DOT medical card to support their CDL. 


This process is called “Self-Certification”.  



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Self Certification

We may be able to help you self certify with the RMV if you reside in MA!

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To get your wheels on the road, whether it’s for your small business or simply to operate your vehicle safely, that journey all starts with self-certification.


Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in Massachusetts holders are required to update the RMV with their DOT medical card to support their CDL.


This process is called Self Certification! In order to CDL self certify, one still needs to undergo a medical exam. All drivers of commercial vehicles are required to undergo CDL medical card self-certification.


One best way to do this if you reside in Massachusetts or the New England area would be to book an appointment with New England DOT Physicals! Navigate our user-friendly website or call our hotline to start your road-based career.


The CDL is also great to have for just anyone planning to be more versatile with the vehicles they may legally operate.


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